Registration for the road trials

The registration for the 2023 road trials is now closed.

Registration deadline: June 23 (please note that this is a public holiday in Sweden, i.e. no technical support with the registration system can be provided this day)

Read this before registering for the road trials

Please read the text below before registering, to make sure you understand what information is required and to avoid additional work both for you and for the administration of NordicCert. If you cannot find answers to your questions below, please contact


  • To register, a login is needed. Representatives of manufacturers who have registered for the road trials in the last few years have received an email from with login details. If you don’t have a login, please send a request to
  • The person who logs in and submit the registrations will be the contact person of the registered materials.
  • If several people from the same company (= same invoicing address) log in, they will see each other’s registrations and can edit each other’s registrations (note: if person 2 edits person 1’s registration, person 2 will be the contact person of that registration).


  • Details about what information that needs to be provided when registering a product for the road trials can be found in Appendix 4 in the Instruction.
  • The following product documentation must be submitted:
    • Road marking material:
      • Product sheet
      • Safety data sheet (SDS)
      • Manufacturer’s Declaration of Constituents (MDoC). Download MDoC form
    • Drop on materials:
      • Product sheet, including glass beads and antiskid material (if used)
      • Safety data sheet (SDS), including glass beads and antiskid material (if used)
      • Declaration of Performance (DoP), including glass beads and antiskid material (if used)
  • The product names stated in the registration form must agree with the product names in the product documentation.
  • Product documents shall preferably be submitted as pdf files.
  • Please note: Each file shall contain only one product document. Do not merge multiple documents into one file.
  • All drop on materials used with materials registered as Certification materials must bear CE marking.
  • The products must comply with current chemicals legislation and practice in the Nordic countries.


  • Go to the registration website, see below.
  • Click on Login.
  • Enter your email address and password (see section Login above).
  • Click Register -> Material.
  • Click New.
  • Check the information in the “Manufacturer and contact person from database” field. If anything needs to be updated, please contact
  • Enter all relevant information. Help texts are shown by hovering the mouse over the question marks.
  • Upload relevant product documents. Regarding drop on materials, the product sheet, the safety data sheet and the declarations of performance shall include both glass beads and antiskid material (if used), either in the same sheet or as two separate sheets. Use the “extra” rows for the antiskid documents if they are in separate files, see the example below. Do not upload the same file twice (for the same registration).
  • Click Submit. Please note that some information is required to submit the registration (help texts in red will show if anything is missing). Please also note that the registration can be submitted without all required information/documents inserted/uploaded (e.g. the registration system cannot know whether the drop on material has one or two product sheets, and it will thus not tell you that one is missing). It is the responsibility of the person who registers materials to make sure that all required information and documents are submitted.
  • A list of submitted registrations will be shown.
Example of uploaded product documentation.

Editing and deleting of submitted registrations

  • All submitted registrations can be edited until June 23.
  • To edit a registration, login and click Edit at the relevant registration. Edit the registration and click Update. The filename of previously submitted product documents will be shown below each “Select file” box. To replace a submitted document, click “Select file” and select a new file.
  • To delete a registration, login and click Delete at the relevant registration. Deleted registrations cannot be recovered.

After registration

  • A confirmation of the registrations will be sent by email to all contact persons in the end of June.
  • The confirmation will contain a summary of your registrations. You will be asked to check the information and to make corrections, if necessary.
  • Any changes to registrations that are made after (approximately) July 1 will be handled when the material is applied on the test field. In other words, no changes can be submitted to the registration system or by email during the summer. If changes are made at the application on the test field, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to make sure that this is noted in the application protocol.
  • If changes are made when the material is applied on the test field, that requires that the product documentation is updated (e.g. use of another drop on material than that registered), new product documentation must be submitted to by September 30. Missing or incorrect product documentation will disqualify the product from the certification process.
  • The administration of NordicCert has no obligation to remind the manufacturer of missing documents or information, after the manufacturer has received the registration confirmation.