Test sites

The Danish test site

Denmark III – Havnstrup
Route 15 in western Jutland, approx 100 km west of Aarhus, close to the town of Herning.
Used in 2022-
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The Icelandic-Norwegian-Swedish test site

Iceland-Norway-Sweden II – Haslemoen, Norway
Route Rv2 in eastern Norway, approx 150 km northeast of Oslo.
Used in 2017-
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Previous test sites

Denmark I – Hornbæk
Route 237 in northern Zealand, approx 50 km north of Copenhagen.
Used in 2015.
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Denmark II – Gørlev
Route 22 in western Zealand, approx 100 km west of Copenhagen.
Used in 2016-2021 (no new applications in 2020).
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Iceland-Norway-Sweden I – Sunne, Sweden
Route E45 in western Sweden, approx 150 km east of Oslo.
Used in 2015-2016.
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